Cricket Club


Sewerby Cricket Club is perched on the cliff top in front of Sewerby Hall in the village of Sewerby about a mile north east of Bridlington. However, car parking at the ground ┬áis restricted to permitted vehicles only, such as emergency vehicles and vehicles displaying a “Disabled sticker.

Cricketers and spectators are requested not to park near the cricket pavilion or around the ground.

Sewerby CC is grateful to the proprietors of the Ship Inn, our local pub, who allow cricketers to use their Car Park free of charge. Please be aware of children playing in the area and drive carefully and slowly to park at the cliff end of the Pub Car Park. Cricketers vehicles may be driven to the pavilion to drop off equipment but must be returned to the Pub Car Park for the duration of the game. Please do not be offended if you are asked to remove your vehicle from the ground to the Pub Car Park.

Visiting teams and their supporters who may required food and refreshments before or after the match should contact the Ship Inn directly on 01262 672374 who will be happy to assist with your requirements.